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Frederick Tanne is proud to support SFTT, ASPCA, Insaan Group and Palladia Inc.

Fred Tanne's involvement with these charities, mostly at board of directors level, makes a valuable contribution to the life and work of these organizations. This page provides more information about each charity and the work they carry out.

support Soldiers for the Truth

President of the board, Frederick Tanne

Did you know that...
Over a 2-year period, 80% of marines killed in Iraq could have lived had they had adequate upper-body protection?

To ensure that US troops are suitably equipped for the frontline, the late Col. David H. Hackworth and his wife, Eilhys England, set up Soldiers for the Truth, now known as Stand for the Troops, a not-for-profit Educational Foundation. The organisation's many campaigns have been centred on providing America's troops with the very best protective equipment and combat gear.

The main focus has been the "BASIC FIVE": body armor, combat boots, helmets, weapons and sidearms.

Investigative reporting also plays a large part in the organization's work, the SFTT home page provides the latest news on situations involving our troops.
In 2009, the law firm Kirkland and Ellis LLP filed the final motion with the Federal Court in Washington DC in the Freedom of Information Act on behalf of the SFTT's editor for forensic records held by the Department of Defense.

Support SFTT's Mission

ASPCA Frederick Tanne Member of the Board


The ASPCA headquarters are located in NYC where Frederick Tanne is a member of the board. The ASPCA's mission, as set out by Henry Bergh, the founder, is "to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States".

The ASPCA has the authority to investigate and make arrests for crimes against animals and work is carried out in three main areas: caring for parents and pets, providing positive outcomes for at-risk animals and helping victims of animal cruelty.

The many programs and facilities, such as adoption centers, behavior centers, animal hospitals, and the important anti-cruelty initiatives, make the work of the ASPCA invaluable.

The ASPCA website has many free resources and ways to become involved.

Insaan Group


Frederick Tanne is a member of Insaan Group's Board of Directors. Insaan Group is a philanthropy fund registered as a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) public charity under United States law.

Legally based in New York, Insaan operates out of Dubai and focuses on the broader Indian Ocean region.

Insaan connects private wealth to innovative ventures in developing countries, both through funding charitable projects and allocating a variant of equity, to increase the overall impact of philanthropic giving.

Palladia Inc


Frederick Tanne is on Palladia Inc's board of directors.

This charity helps New Yorkers when they need it most: in times of trauma, poverty and difficulties and when seeking to learn new skills. Palladia's varied programs help 1700 people per day.






Stand for the Troops organized an evening of stand up with Lewis Black on Monday Sept 12th at Carolines, on Broadway. The evening was reviewed in the Stamford Advocat.

The B.E.S.T (Best Equipment to Support our Troops) event "April in Paris" took place on April 6th 2011 at Saks Greenwich. Saks Fifth Avenue donated 10% of the day's sales to SFTT's B.E.S.T campaign.
SFTT website
Stamford Plus article
Review in Greenwich Post










The Annual ASPCA Hampton Classic Horse Show

Running in 2011 from Aug 31st through September 4th, this is ont of the largest and most prestigious equine events. Animal-loving celebrities and VIPs join the ASPCA during the week to promote animal welfare and inspire positive action on behalf of our animal friends.

The Annual ASPCA Bergh Ball

Held for more than a decade, the Annual ASPCA Bergh Ball is an ASPCA signature event in New York City. Bergh Ball directly impacts the lives of homeless, abused and abandoned animals across the country. Featuring dinner, dancing and an auction, this event raised over $1 million in 2011. Link to event review.
For more information, see the ASPCA website.

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